Why can’t Singaporeans leave work behind during their holidays?

    Image source: Matthew Hurst

    You’re finally taking that well-deserved holiday. Everything from the scenic view from your hotel window to the relaxing schedule ahead of you makes for a perfect vacation — so why then are you constantly checking work emails on your phone?

    As it turns out, Singaporeans find it harder to switch from work to play while on holiday, compared to some of its Asia Pacific counterparts, according to Randstad’s Q2 2015 Workmonitor research.

    As much as 32% – or one in three employees in Singapore – find it hard to let go of work during their holiday. While some of those surveyed chose to stay connected because they like to stay involved, others might be doing it out of stress or obligation. This is due to the fact that more than half of the respondents in Singapore said that their bosses expect them to be contactable while they are on leave.

    But Singapore employees are not the only ones finding it hard to fully relax during their holidays. Employees in Malaysia (36%) and Japan (45%) also tend to stay connected to work while on vacation.

    On the other hand, employees in countries like China (85%), Switzerland (84%) and Hong Kong (80%) found it easy to take their mind off work during their travels.

    The Randstand Workmonitor research covers 34 countries around the world including Asia Pacific, Europe and the Americas and has a sample size of at least 400 interviews per country.

    Why can’t Singaporean leave work behind during holidays?

    1. My boss expects me to stay contactable – 51%
    2. I don’t mind handling work matters during my private time – 62%
    3. I handle work-related matters during holidays because I like to stay involved – 39%