Don’t panic when you hear Singlish on Jetstar flights hor

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    Jetstar is giving Singlish (Singapore English slang) the spotlight it deserves. Singlish will be the official customer-facing language for all Singapore-based customers starting 31 March 2016. And it’s not just on the flights. For Singapore-based customers who visit Jetstar website, they will be automatically redirected to a Singlish version of the website.

    Jetstar says that the Singlish homepage is their first step towards its localisation strategy, as the Singapore-based carrier looks to build stronger connections with consumers across Asia.

    According to Jetstar, cabin crew of different nationalities have been trained to speak the language with a series of mandatory Singlish language lessons. We are not sure if this language will enable them to interact with Singaporean customers on board in a more friendly and approachable manner. All we could think of are scenarios of phrases like “can you wait har”, “draw up your window shades ley” and “ho say boh (how are you)” being broadcasted by the crew on Singapore outbound flights.

    “This functional adoption of Singapore across our operations is a first in the industry, and I hope it will make our customers feel more at home. Our Singaporean team members are also highly supportive of this move, as it helps them deliver an even friendlier service with the use of very local terms such as ‘ho say’, ‘kiap your seatbelt tight’ and ‘kin kin return to your seat’,” said Stephan Fule, Acting Head of Commercial Innovation.

    Similar approaches are currently being planned for markets like Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines.