15 things to do in Hokkaido for an unforgettable trip

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    The devil welcomes you to Noboribetsu

    Planning a trip to Hokkaido? Lucky you! Everything from Hokkaido’s amazing food, rich culture to the picturesque scenery is sure to win you over. My favourite city in Hokkaido is Hakodate, thanks to its beautiful bay area and what seems like endless supply of fresh, succulent seafood. Check out our list of the 15 things to do in Hokkaido to make your trip a memorable one.

    1. Enjoy Kaisen Don

    How Singaporean to pick a food item to kick off a must-do list! But didn’t they say that the way to someone’s heart is through their stomach? First on our list of dishes to try is the kaisen don or seafood bowl. Whether your favourite seafood is swordfish, salmon, snow crab or those juicy ikura fish eggs, there’s such a wide variety of kaisen don in Hokkaido that you’re bound to find one that pleases your palate. Some of the best places to enjoy a kaisen don is at a seafood market like the Hakodate Morning Market or the Sapporo Nijo Market.

    Kaisen don in Hokkaido
    You can have Kaisen don for breakfast
    Kaisen don in Hokkaido
    Kaisen don for lunch…
    Kaisen don in Hokkaido
    and Kaisen don for dinner. Burp
    Kaisen Don in Otaru
    The mother of Kaisen don. Look at the variety of seafood!

    2. Experience Winter at Asahiyama Zoo

    Enjoy your own version of penguin march at the well-loved Asahiyama zoo. During certain periods in winter when the ground is covered with snow, visitors get to walk alongside these adorable, waddling birds. It’s guaranteed to be a fun-filled experience for the kids and family. However, keep in mind that the zoo is closed for a few days during winter so make sure you check the opening schedule on the Asahiyama Zoo website before you go.

    Penguins at Asahiyama Zoo
    Playful penguins at Asahiyama Zoo

    3. Savour sea urchin (uni)

    Fresh sea urchin can be found in various restaurants and seafood markets throughout Hokkaido for about 1,000 yen a piece. Savour the soft and creamy orange flesh of this sea creature and you’ll remember its sweet taste for life! Some may choose to have their uni lightly torched but we think fresh is best. Oishii!

    Fresh Uni at Hakodate Morning Market
    Feast on fresh uni at Hakodate Morning Market

    4. Have Soup curry

    Unlike the usual Japanese curry, soup curry is thinner in consistency. There are different levels of customisation depending on where you eat, including choice of meat, soup base, amount of rice, down to the spiciness of the curry. it’s very popular among the locals in places like Sapporo city – so don’t miss this special culinary treat.

    5. Organise a picnic during sakura viewing season

    Every year, tens of thousands of tourists flock to Hokkaido and various parts of Japan in Spring time for the sakura or cherry blossom season. If you’re lucky enough to catch the Hanami or cherry blossom viewing season, be sure to join in the local practice of setting up a picnic at one these scenic spots? Just pack a picnic mat, some snacks and enjoy the best of what nature has to offer.

    The scenic Odori Park during the sakura season
    The scenic Odori Park in Sapporo during the sakura season

    6. Shop at Don Quijote

    No shop is equally ecclectic or well stocked as Don Quijote, which is located across Japan. This all-and-sundry retailer is your one-stop shop for everything from Japanese snacks to make-up to Halloween masks and cosplay supplies. Every aisle is crammed with goodies so take your time to discover the merchandise here.

    7. Enjoy the produce of the season

    Check out the local supermarkets or farmers’ markets in Hokkaido and you’ll find an amazing variety fresh produce of the season.  Fresh fruits ilke honeydew and persimmon are the sweetest and most abundant in Autumn, season, while strawberries are the best enjoyed in Spring.

    Honeydew are seasonal produce in Hokkaido
    For big groups, go for a whole honeydew. A mid-range one costs around 1500 – 2500 Yen

    8. Attend a festival

    The Japanese simply love festivals! There are various festivals to celebrate the season, religion, cultural practices and other special occasions, so plan your travel dates well. Some of the most popular festivals include the Sapporo Snow Festival in February, the Kamome Island Festival in Esashi, Hokkaido to celebrate the sea in July, the Kachimai Fireworks Festival in August and the Yokata Andon (fighting lantern) festival at the end of August. Did we mention there’s even the Nemuro Sanma festival in September which worships fish!

    A performer taking photos with the crowd
    Devil and Fireworks performance in Noboribetsu

    N9. Visit the Hakodate Morning Fish Market

    If you visit the serene coastal town of Hakodate, the morning market is a must. It is breeming with fresh and cooked seafood every day of the week. Go on an empty stomach and enjoy your fill of seafood like grilled scallops, sashimi, seasoned cuttlefish as well as snacks like mochi and hokkaido milk ice cream. Keep a lookout for the prized whole tuna being transported around the market by fishermen. The event never fails to awe the patrons at the market.

    Interior of Hakodate Morning Market
    Plan your Hakodate Morning Market visit early in the day when it’s less crowded
    Hakodate Morning Market
    Crabs in abundance at the Hakodate Morning Market
    Street view of Hakodate Morning Market
    The market may not be big but it has plenty to offer

    10. Eat at Lucky Pierrot

    Another exclusive place in Hokodate is fast food chain Lucky Pierrot. The most famous item on the menu is the Chinese Chicken Burger which is served with a sesame bun topped and fresh lettuce. The fried noodles with chicken combo and Original Curry + Chicken are also very delicious and good value for money. There are lots of other dishes and burgers to try so take your time to pick and choose what appeals to you.

    Lucky Pierrot stall at Hakodate
    Look at the number of items on the menu!
    Lucky Pierrot stall at Hakodate
    One of the many Lucky Pierrot outlets at Hakodate
    Chinese chicken burger at Lucky Pierrot
    The popular Chinese chicken burger at Lucky Pierrot

    11. Bask in an open roof onsen

    Going to an onsen is a popular experience in Hokkaido but more then just any onsen, pick one with an outdoor bath.  One of the most memorable onsen experiences we had is at an outdoor onsen at Mount Kurodate in Asahikawa during Winter where I got to enjoy the contrasting temperatues of the cold surrounds while being submerged in the heated spring water, all whilst soaking in the the amazing views of the mountain. Simply out of this world.

    Open air onsen at Sounkyo, Hokkaido
    Open air onsen at Sounkyo
    Open air onsen at Sounkyo, Hokkaido
    Best time for open air onsen? When it’s snowing.

    12. Stay at a ryokan

    Get the full Japanese experience by staying at one of the ryokan or guest houses in Hokkaido. Prices per night vary quite widely depending on the ryokan, location and what’s included in the stay – such as meals and whether there’s a private onsen. You can also choose to stay at a ryokan with a personal onsen attached to your room, but those normally come at a higher price. During my trip to Hokkaido, I spent a night at the Oyada Kiyomizuya ryokan in the popular onsen town of Noboribetsu and the overall experience was simply unforgettable.

    Ryokan at Noboribetsu
    A popular ryokan in Noboribetsu
    Ryokan at Noboribetsu
    Inside of a traditional Japanese ryokan
    Breakfast spread at a ryokan
    Waking up to a sumptuous breakfast spread!

    13. Take a ropeway

    If you plan to visit a mountain in Hokkaido, hope on a ropeway. It’s a scenic (or thrilling for some) to get to the top of a mountain in the elevator where you can get to a vantage point to enjoy the surrounding scenary. Some of the popular ropeways can be found at places like Mt Moiwa in Sapporo city and Mount Kurodake in Asahikawa.

    Ropeway up to Daisetsuzan
    Ropeway up to Daisetsuzan, a pretty thrilling experience

    14. Bring home a piece of Otaru

    The quaint, European-eque town of Otaru (about an hour train ride from Sapporo) is littered with ceramic and glassware shops. You’ll find nifty items like one-of-a-kind, handcrafted pottery, sake glass, music box made from glass and more.Take your time to visit some of these shops and bring home a piece of Otaru for friends and family.

    15. Check out the Otokoyama Sake Brewery Museum

    The range of sake or Japanese rice wine in Japan is mind-boggling. It ranges from under S$10 a bottle to the hundreds. One of the most popular sake in Hokkaido is produced by Otokoyama. If you visit Asahikawa, drop by the Otokoyama Sake Brewery Museum where you’ll get to see the brewery behind a glass panel, the equipment used for making sake and most importantly get a tasting session! The brewery is located at

    079-8412 Hokkaido Prefecture, Asahikawa, Nagayama 2 Jo, 7 Chome−1−3.