This bull on newly open Coney Island Park in Singapore is becoming the star attraction

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    Graphic of bull on Coney Island PArk Singapore

    Coney Island Park, the newest nature destination for land scarce Singapore is now officially open.

    Located off the north-eastern coast of mainland Singapore, the 50-hectare offshore park took 15 months to build and costs S$3 million. And best of all, you don’t even have to take a ferry to the park for a slice of island life.

    The island is connected to the mainland by two bridges on its western and eastern ends to Punggol Promenade and Pasir Ris Coast Industrial Park 6, making it convenient for cyclists and visitors planning to go to the island on foot.

    The island also has a beach that stretches 2km as well as a 2.4 km-long cycling route that is part of the park connector network.

    However, the opening of the park is now being overshadowed by another star attraction. A single free roaming Brahman bull. The Brahman is a breed of Zebu cattle that originated from South Asia. It can be identified by its large, pendulous ears and dewlaps (loose skin that hangs from the neck or throat). It also has a prominent hump over its shoulders. No one knows exactly how the bull ended up all alone on the secluded island or why NParks kept calling it a cow but NParks has a theory:

    The cow may have wandered in from Punggol or Lorong Halus. It was only noticed after the dam crossings were built. But as no one has reported a lost cow, its presence on the island remains a mystery – NParks

    There is even a sign to tell you what not to do if you chance upon this mysterious bull


    While there is no sure-fire tips on how to help you spot the cattle as it roams where it pleases, there is no lack of fauna and flora to explore, some of which are critically endangered. The park is also home to some 80 species of birds like the spotted wood owl, rusty-breasted cuckoo as well as the resident male Baya Weavers.

    According to NParks, the rustic island, also known as Pulau Serangoon, is an ecologically sustainable park with many environmental initiatives. It focuses on conserving energy and water, recycling and retaining of the natural elements in the park. For instance, there is no electricity or piped water on the island. Electricity generated from solar power is used to power the pumps for toilets while rainwater harvested is used for flushing and hand washing.

    Timber from uprooted Casuarina trees were collected and recycled into park signage, seats, benches, boardwalk, and exhibits at Casuarina Exploration as well.

    Coney Island Park details:

    Opening hours: 7am to 7pm daily
    Fees: Free admission
    Park Entrances: 500m east of Punggol Point Park and Pasir Ris Industrial Drive 6
    Website: Coney Island Park
    How to get there: From Punggol interchange, take bus 84 to Punggol Point Park/Punggol Settlement. Walk about 500m east along the Punggol Promenade Nature Walk to get to Coney Island West Entrance.

    Map of Coney Island Park in Singapore