Tigerair cements its all-round bad reputation

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    Tigerair's infamous reputation goes far and wide (photo by redlegsfan21 on Flickr)

    Singapore travellers are all too familiar with the bad reputation that Tigerair has amassed here, and it seems we’re not the only ones irked by the striped carrier’s poor treatment of customers. In fact, Tigerair has taken home the gong in Australia as the nation’s worst carrier… for the third year running!

    This is according to the Airline Customer Advocate’s annual report for 2014, where it cites Tigerair as having the most number of complaints compared to its four major competitors.

    The report added that Tigerair received the most number of complaints linked to refunds, flight delay or cancellation, unfair terms and conditions, unexpected fees and charges, and poor airport customer service.

    It really doesn’t sound too different from what some of us at GrateNews have experienced with the carrier as well. To be fair though, we believe that you get what you pay for, and it’s really a case of paying peanuts and getting monkeys, be it in Singapore or in Australia.

    At least we’ve got no lack of budget carriers here in Singapore, although the overly cautious may want to stay away from AirAsia, which was recently labeled one of the most dangerous carriers in the world.

    Here’s a forum where Tigerair passengers air their grievances against the airline, just in case you’re interested.