Top 3 travel chargers reviewed

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    Travel chargers: thecoopidea Power Block

    We’re not sure about you, but good travel chargers are essential to going overseas these days. With at least a laptop, tablet and a phone while overseas, this is one important factor to consider when on the road.

    Here, we compare three travel chargers to see which would best suit our needs.

    Travel chargers: Twelve South PlugBug World

    Twelve South PlugBug World

    Twelve South is one of the most recognisable brands that produce Apple products. Its PlugBug World is a 2.1A USB charger that attaches itself to a MacBook power adapter (an iPad charger will work too), so the user can charge both the laptop and mobile devices at the same time – using only one power socket.

    You can imagine this would be extremely convenient in times when additional sockets are not available, or if you don’t want to bring a power extension bar out on your travels.

    One problem we noticed with this is that the overall package, when attached to a MacBook adapter, becomes quite large. This may be a problem if your wall socket is too close to a table or the floor, or located inside a recessed section of your table.


    • Works great on the road, with the ability to charge the MacBook and one other device
    • Can be used without connecting to a MacBook charger
    • Comes with international plug connectors


    • Heavy and bulky
    • Expensive for what it provides
    • May not fit into the surrounding space of a socket, depending on its position
    • Works only with MacBooks
    • Only one USB connection

    Travel chargers: thecoopidea Power Block

    thecoopidea Power Block

    thecoopidea‘s Power Block is testament to the fact that it doesn’t take much to make the bunch of us happy.

    Their idea is simple – it’s basically a palm-sized 10.6A 5-port USB charging hub that can support both Lightning and MicroUSB cables.

    And get this, it is claimed that this palm-sized device can charge up to 4 tablets and 1 smartphone. At full speed.

    It’s also pretty simple to use. Just connect the power cable to a socket, and you’re ready to juice up your tablets and phones.

    Obviously, the downside to this device would be the inability to charge laptops, but hey, it’s really exceptionally good at what it does, and has the looks to boot.


    • Support for up to 4 tablets and 1 smartphone charging concurrently
    • Palm-sized, portable
    • Can be used at home when not travelling


    • No laptop charging
    • Does not come with international plug connectors

    Travel chargers: Twist Plus World Adapter

    Twist World Adapter and Twist Plus World Adapter

    A new option that has entered the market is the Twist World Adapter, and its bigger brother, the Twist Plus World Adapter.

    The Twist World Adapter isn’t really worth talking about as it’s essentially only an international plug with a built-in 2.4A USB connection. Nothing special, really.

    The Twist Plus World Adapter, however, is a slightly better version of the PlugBug. It comes with the option of connecting a MacBook adapter (sorry Windows users), in addition to the USB connection and an extra socket to connect other devices.

    It faces the same problem as the PlugBug though, once connected to a MacBook adapter. It may be too big to fit into the space around certain sockets, depending where the sockets are located.

    This probably makes it slightly more useful than the PlugBug, though, as it acts as a universal adapter, whereas the PlugBug as a single focus as a USB charger.


    • Comes with a universal plug
    • Works great on the road, with the ability to charge the MacBook and one other device
    • More versatile than the PlugBug as it works as a universal adapter, providing users with an additional socket


    • Only 1 USB connection
    • Works only with MacBook laptops
    • May not fit into the surrounding space of a socket once connected to a MacBook adapter, depending on its position

    What would we recommend? Definitely a combination of the Power Block and the Twist would help most people. But for the ultimate solution, bring along a power extension bar as well for the charging of other items such as camera batteries and other electronics.