Top cities Singaporeans travelled to in 2018. And it’s not Bangkok

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    Top cities Singaporeans travelled to 2018 - Bangkok, Thailand
    #2 Bangkok, Thailand

    If like us, your guess is Bangkok, your guess is a close second.  A recently released infographic from Expedia indicates that Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is our city of choice. Although we didn’t hit the jackpot, KL is also not a  surprising winner given the proximity and the good currency exchange rate. Other popular cities like Tokyo, Seoul and Taipei makes up the rest of top 10 cities Singaporeans travelled to the most this year.

    In 2018, Singaporeans continue to favour short and frequent getaways, taking an average of 4.6 trips a year lasting an average of 2.3 nights. While parents taking their kids out before the school reopens could be a reason why most travel bookings was done in the month of December,  January was the least popular booking month as kids goes back to school and working adults start to gear up for the new year after a slew of December holidays and binge eating and drinking.

    Top cities Singaporeans travelled to 2018 - Taipei, Taiwan
    #5 Taipei, Taiwan
    Top cities Singaporeans travelled to 2018 - Tokyo Ginza, Japan
    #6 Tokyo, Japan
    Top cities Singaporeans travelled to 2018 - Penang, Malaysia
    #7 Penang, Malaysia

    While we continue to work hard for the coming year, let’s not forget to plan for breaks, explore new destinations and create new memories with your loved ones. On behalf of the GrateNews team, here’s wishing you happy holidays and an amazing 2019!

    Expedia how singaporeans travelled in 2018

    Source: flight booking demand between 1 November 2017 – 31 October 2018