The amazing windowless planes will change the future of flying

    Long haul flights might actually be enjoyable in the future if windowless planes become a reality.

    Instead of having a tiny plastic porthole for a window, the windowless plane will have full-length screens showing constant views of the sky and space outside the plane. Theses screens, which are OLED displays (same technology used in ultra-thin high-end TVs), are customisable to display other views as well as entertainment programmes and flight information.

    What’s also great about the new plane is that it is said to be lighter than current commercial planes, resulting in reduction of fuel and CO2 emissions.

    How long before we can travel on a windowless plane? UK-based tech innovation company Centre for Process Innovation (CPI) estimates it would take around 10 years for the plane to be developed. Now, some of us may be looking forward to flying in the super luxurious Singapore Airlines Suites Class one day (which by the way, costs over $20K for a roundtrip ticket from Singapore to New York) — but for us, travelling in one of these windowless planes will do just as well.